Authentic Dental Laboratory | Operatory Products
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Operatory Products

Shade Wand

Is a hand-held cordless, rechargeable, 5500K LED light that emits the perfect light temperature to the patients mouth to select perfect shades.


Illumine Shade Guide

Eight new bleached shades.


Ivoclar Stump Shade Guide

For communicating color of underlying tooth structure.


Vita 3-D Shade Guide

Shade system that provides a systematic arrangement of virtually all existing natural tooth shades.


Gripper Trays

Ideal for all VPS impression applications. Single use only.

Authentic Smile Guide

Tool used in the dental office to select a smile design for the patient.

Quad Trays

Metal, dual-arch impression trays. Saves material, time and frustration. Single use only.


Occlusal Clearance Gauge

1.5 and 2.0 mm measuring tool to verify adequate occlusal reduction.


Lorin Library

A smile style/shape guide to enhance patient, doctor and lab communication.



Doctor’s cosmetic guide to personalized stain selection and characterization.