Authentic Dental Laboratory | Send A Case
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Send A Case

Easy Case Submission


Here is everything you need to submit a case to Authentic Dental Laboratory. If you have any questions or would like to see if local pick up and delivery is available for your practice, call us at (800) 683-1025 .

Traditional Impressions

Prepare Your Case:

To ensure we have everything we need for your restoration, make sure you include:


Step One: Fill Out Prescription


Step 2: Pack Your Case


1. Include your prescription with each case making sure that the prescription does not touch the impression.


2. Carefully package each item with bubble wrap. Please separate each case in plastic bags when shipping multiple cases together.


3. Include all parts with the case: impression, shade, bite registrations, models, all implant parts(analog, impression post), photos of patient/shade photos. Make sure you place all implant parts in a separate container to avoid misplacing.


4. Tape box securely shut. Attach a preprinted shipping label to top: Click Here-this will prepare a tracking number. Make sure you give the tracking number to UPS when you call for the pick-up so you will not be charged.


5. Call UPS at 1-800-742-5877 before noon, Monday—Friday and they will be at your office before 5:00pm. When they arrive, you can arrange daily pick up service or call us @ 1-800- 683-1025 to schedule your pick up for you. You do not have to pay for a UPS pick up, we handle those costs. Any questions on shipping, please call us.


6. If you are sending a prescheduled rush case, write “RUSH” on the outside of the box. To preschedule a rush case please contact us at 1-800-683-1025.
*To save money on shipping, send multiple cases in one box. We pay one way, you pay one way.


*If this is your first case, please fill out the Doctor Technical Preferences Form below and include in the box.


*If you would like to send us your Shade Photos send them to:

Tech-Savvy? Try Our Digital Rx

Fill out our digital Rx. Electronically sign and verify. Click Submit and your Digital Rx will be sent to us via email. Make sure to label your patient’s impression by first and last name to match with your Rx. You can also fill out the Digital Rx online, then print to send along with your impression.



Print Our Removable Rx

Print and fill out the necessary information before sending it along with your case.

Doctor Technical Preferences

Please fill out technical preferences form and submit. Your preferences will be stored under your profile within our system to better service you.



Email us your photos at:

Time Schedule

These are working days only. Please allow 2 extra days each way for shipping.


STL File- Full-Contour Crown (Authentic Brux, Emax (FC) (M)

4 work days

STL File- Layered Crown

7 work days


7 work days

Zirconia Full-Contour Crown

5 work days

Emax Milled & Layered

5 work days

Emax Pressed

10 work days


10 work days

All-Ceramic Layered Crown

7 work days

Milled Bars & Custom Abutments

10 work days

Ortho Services

5-7 work days


3-10 work days

Metal Partial Framework

10 work days


10 work days

Set Up for Try-In

10 work days

Trays and Bite Rims

4 work days

Bleaching Trays

4 work days

Soft Mouth Guards

3 work days


10 work days

Process & Finish

10 work days


24 Hours-2 days


24 Hours

These are working days only. Please allow 2 extra days each way for shipping.

Rush services must be prescheduled for an additional fee.


Ship Your Case

Create and Print a UPS Label

Fill out this form and a UPS label will be generated for you with a tracking number. Print and attach it to your mailing box.

UPS delivery takes 1-2 days depending on your location. Guaranteed delivery by the end of the second business day.

*Some locations in Alaska and Hawaii require additional transit time.

In-State: UPS or Priority Mail Available – UPS ($12.10 per case) or First Class mailing labels are provided at no charge. However, First Class mailing labels don’t have a tracking number & there’s no guarantee on time of delivery. Overnight courier service provided for San Antonio and Austin at no charge.


Out Of State: UPS ($15.10 per case).  This includes both pick up and delivery.  We will supply you with as many airbills as you need.  Make sure and mark the “Second Day Service” box and indicate 1 lb. for weight .  Make sure to use our account #737092.  Do not declare value or mark full insurance.  Call UPS at 1-800-742-5877 before noon, Monday—Friday and they will be at your office before 5:00pm.  When they come, you can arrange daily pick up service or call us @ 1-800- 683-1025


Call us for DHL or FedEx instructions.

Digital Impressions


Sending a digital case to us is simple and efficient. Search for your scanner below, then follow instructions on how to add Authentic as your go-to-lab.


3Shape Scanners

• Go to in a web browser. From your 3Shape Dashboard, click “Connections”, “Labs”, “Add”, “Search”
• In the Search section, type in our email:
• Authentic should pop up, click “Connect”, then click “Refresh” in upper right hand corner.
• Authentic will need to acknowledge and accept you.
• After connecting to us as a lab, select Authentic when sending files.


• Go to, sign-in to your Medit Link account.
• Click on “Partners” in the left hand column. Click on “Search for Partners” at the top.
• Click in the search bar & type in Authentic Dental Lab, Authentic should come up, then click “Request Partnership”
• Authentic will acknowledge and accept you.


• Call 800-577-8767 choose Support(option 1)
• Request Authentic to be added to your scanner. Identify Authentic by using our phone number 210-735-1433 or our iTero lab #574.
• After Authentic has been added, restart your scanner.
• After connecting to us as a lab, select Authentic on your scanner when sending files.


• Open Web interface Carestream Connect(CS Connect) and send Authentic “Partner Connection Request”
• Email
• An email will be sent to Authentic to accept.
• Complete the paper submission form (online Rx) every time you submit scans.

Dentsply Sirona Scanners

• Go to and login.
• Click My Account/My Favorite Laboratories
• Click Search Labs and before entering any information in the boxes, click Start Search.
• Now enter Authentic’s information. You can enter name, zip code or city (Authentic, 78228 or San Antonio).
• When you find Authentic Dental Lab, click on the orange plus sign (in the right hand column)
• Now log out and restart your system
• Now you can send Authentic your digital scan